Gut Health for Beginners

Gut Health for Beginners

Last week, while discussing my vibrant pink prebiotic drink, a friend's curiosity about prebiotics prompted me to create a guide simplifying gut health.

Gut Health

Understanding Gut Health

Explore the term "Gut Health," referring to the microbiome's bacterial balance in your digestive tract. Learn about the significance of maintaining a healthy balance for overall well-being.

Good and Bad Bacteria

Discover the concept of Eubiosis, a state of balanced good and bad bacteria. Maintain an 85:15 ratio of beneficial to pathogenic bacteria for optimal digestion and health.

Feeding the Good Bacteria

Learn about prebiotics, the nourishment for your good bacteria. Explore prebiotic-rich foods such as beans, onions, garlic, cabbage, apples, and flaxseed. Also, delve into probiotics found in yogurt, sauerkraut, and more.


Optimal Diet

Discover the impact of diet on gut health. Find out why limiting sugar, refined carbs, alcohol, and gluten is crucial. Incorporate bone broth, collagen, coconut oil, and organic fruits, vegetables, and meats into your diet.

Importance of Gut Health

Understand how a healthy gut contributes to overall well-being. Learn about the immune system's connection to gut health and its role in mental well-being.


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